Service portfolio
The IoT Research institute offers a wide range of services in two main areas.

These two fields are the RFID/NFC technologies, and the sensors and sensor networks.

We provide services in the following categories:

Research and development

It is rare that a company owns a department that is dedicated to research and development (R&D). However, before development, there is a need for research in the field of focus. This contains: literature search, feasibility analysis, search for best practices, design, development, and implementation of solution proposals on high-quality scientific basis (both in informatics and mathematics).

The IoT Research Institute provides R&D services in the following fields:


The IoT Research Institute - on the basis of its scientific background and experience - provides consulting for companies in the following fields:

Organization of tender-related activities and co-operation in tenders

The IoT Research Institute is a valuable partner in R&D tenders (e.g. Central Europe, H2020). The R&D tenders provide: the opportunity to perform more comprehensive research, longer implementation and testing phase, such that we can solve the problems of the collaborating companies more effectively and universally.

Due to our connection to the Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences, we may apply for tenders with a higher aid intensity. Moreover, the EKU can provide effective help in the preparation and implementation of applications.

Hardware development

The design and development of unique harware tools for varying purposes is a major profile of the IoT Research Institute and our engineers. We provide services in the following stages of hardware design and development:

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  • Circuit design, conceptual design
  • Determination of component requirements
  • PCB design, production coordination
  • Component assembly
  • Instrumental measurements (on the field and in laboratory)




Software development

Software development is the main strength of the IoT Research Institute. Our developer teams, that are specialized in various areas, provide up-to-date solutions. We are capable of developing adequate software for a wide range of platforms and application layers:


  • Mobile application development (Android and Windows Phone)
  • Web service-based systems and middleware development
  • Server and client side software development (.NET, Java, etc.)
  • Web client development
  • Design, implementation, and optimization of databases
  • Microcontroller-based design and programming