Sensors and sensor networks
We can measure specific physical properties of the environment with sensors, then the measured data can be forwarded for further processing via the network built up by these sensors.

We meet with physical properties in many ways in our lives, that are necessary to know, or possibly regulate. If we know the temperature of the outside air, we can dress accordingly. If we know the ice cream that we would like to buy has been spent a long time in higher temperature than recommended, we will not buy it. In case of high UV radiation we could not last long in sunshine, however some types of plants prefer it. If humidity is low near our plants, we increase it by watering and vaporization, but if it is high in the bakehouse, we decrease it in order to keep the quality of our products.

We can answer these questions based on the measured data of sensors. This data can be transferred to our computer, tablet, mobile phone by sensor networks connected to regular networks. By the intelligent evaluation of gathered big data, we could explore information and correlation that could be used as the basis of e.g. automatic irrigation systems, security services and production management systems, too.

The IoT Research Institute provides the following services in the field of sensors and sensor networks:


  • Consulting on the applicability, feasibility, and extendibility of various sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, bioMedical, etc.)
  • Custom sensor devices and networks
    • Hardware design, manufacturing, commission, test
    • Software design, development, installation, test
  • Measurement of process characteristics, processing of the acquired data
  • Processing of high volume data (Big Data), application of data mining solutions
  • Use of artificial intelligence solutions in data processing, machine learning
  • Digital image processing

Fields of application:

  • Logistics
  • Food tracking
  • Monitoring of animal and plant health
  • Security and surveillance
  • Agriculture/forestry productivity assessment, environment monitoring