RFID/NFC technologies
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) makes identification of large quantities fast and automatic compared to optical identification (eg. barcode) technologies.

On each object which has to be identified an RFID chip can be placed, which can be read remotely, this way the contents of e.g. a crate or a pallet can be identified. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a specific application of RFID: establishes radio communication by placing smartphones and similar (mobile) devices near to each other. It makes it possible to use mobile devices to display data of our RFID-based systems, e.g. by placing the device near a terminal in a warehouse.



The IoT Research Institute provides the following services in the field of RFID/NFC technologies:

  • R&D and consulting on the applicability of RFID, possible usage in special environments (e.g. metallic environment) in particular
  • Consulting on the topic of RFID system establishment
  • RFID-based devices and systems
    • Hardware design, manufacturing, commission, test
    • Software design, development, installation, test
  • Mapping of radio-frequency space, measurement of interferences and loads both in the field and in laboratory

Fields of application:

  • Automatic identification
  • Personal tracking
  • Access control and timesheet systems
  • Production management and tracking systems
  • Logistics
  • Library systems