Security technology, sensor network
Research of reliable data communication in space with high interference, and development of intelligent integrated sensor systems.


Application code: GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0026


Project duration: 01.01.2015. - 31.07. 2015.


Total cost: 311 060 000 HUF


Rate of support: 71,9944 %


The consortium leader company/institution: TIGERS Security Vagyonvédelmi Kft.


Consortium members:

  • MONGUZ Információtechnológiai Kft.
  • Eszterházy Károly University


Goal of the project:


The development of smart security (alarm) systems that are capable of working according to intelligent alarm scenarios, based on the analysis of data acquired from the variety of wireless sensors. Furthermore, they are required to learn these scenarios and apply them adaptively.

The system in development consists of the following layers (these are also the layers of the research, development and prototyping of the project):

  • Hardware based analysis, design and implementation of wireless sensor nodes.
  • Analysis of sensor data transmission protocols in a sensor network.
  • Endpoint communicator device design and development: this device is responsible for receiving the sensor network data and forwarding it to the data collector device.
  • Design and development of data collector devices: this device is responsible for receiving the data through various channels from the endpoint communicators. The data collector device merges the received data, generates simple actions from it and sends it to the concentrator (server) machine.
  • The concentrator machine organizes the received actions into a higher level conceptual nets and creates the "action scripts".