pHDetector chemistry application
The pHDetector is able to determine the pH value of an indicator-containing coloured solution fast with decimal precision. First you have to choose which indicator you would like to use, then focus on a homogeneous part of the solution and the pH value is calculated automatically.

The application is based on the idea and research activity of Martina Alíz Pogány and Vince Tomori with which they have applied to the 25th National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth. Their preparatory teachers, István Tepliczky and József Rudó were helping them developing the way of the pH value calculation of the solutions, and creating the control solutions with different pH values to collect data. The measurements were executed in the Herman Laboratory. The result is a database which contains the colors of the different indicators on a given pH values. This database is the core of the Android app, which has been implemented by Csaba Szugyiczki, one of the research assistants at the IoT Research Institute.


Now five indicators cover the pH interval from 3,1 to 10,3, which are the followings:
Methyl orange: 3,1 - 4,4
Methy red: 4,4 - 6,2
Bromothymol blue: 6,2 - 7,6
Phenol red: 6,4 - 8,0
Phenoltalein: 8,3 - 10,3


 After starting the application the preview of the camera is displayed on the screen along with a list of the indicators. The application is continuously scanning the color of the pixels in the center of the preview images. The pH value of the solution is determined by looking up the nearest color value of the choosen indicator in the database.


The pH values determined this way are quite accurate, based on the preliminary application tests. The app is available in the Google Play store.

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