Intelligent IT City Conference
The IoT Research Institute on the "Intelligent IT City" conference organized by Eger.

The municipality of Eger organizes a conference on "Intelligens IT City". On a workshop affiliated with the conference, the IoT Research Institute introduces itself. Dr. Gergely Kovasznai, the head of the institute, presents the developments and prototype devices of the institute. Anyone can see all of those devices in action: researchers and students from the institute make drones fly, make sensor gloves guide a robot, make an iPhone app monitor temperature sensors in a building.




14:05-14:20: EKF IoT Research Institute - Intelligent R+D (Dr. Gergely Kovasznai, director)
14:20-15:00: Developments and devices

  1. Drones (Dr. Gabor Geda, Istvan Fazekas)
    • Drones in RFID systems
    • Drones for generating 3D models
  2. Robotics (Dr. Gabor Geda, Tamas GregusM
    • Multi-functional sensor glove
    • "Sunflower" solar panel
  3. RFID+sensors (Dr. Roland Kiraly, Bence Bozvary)
    • Cost-effective, modular access control system
    • Localization by using RFID

Photos by Robert Nemes.