The IoT Research Institute is the a department of the Eszterhazy Karoly University (EKU), that deals with research and development on the field of informatics.

Our institute primarily focuses on the Internet of Things technologies. Our aim is to provide results in our research that are practically applicable and beneficial also for our industrial partners. Therefore, we put more emphasis on applied research and development, on the basis of our theoretical research.


In harmony with the objective of the EKU, we aim to provide competitive knowledge transfer in the field of information technology. We make our knowledge and development results available for industrial partners. These results include for instance: RFID solutions, sensor networks, mobile applications. We also offer help to our industrial partners in the establishment of local and international relationships and in finding suitable grants.


In our research institute not only the researchers of the EKU are involved, but also students. Therefore, we not only grant up-to-date knowledge to our partners but we also provide the students the opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge on the current fields of research.